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Golden Village Singapore Movie Updates for 2023

Are you a movie buff eagerly waiting for the latest releases? Look no further than Golden Village (GV) Singapore! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the latest movie updates for 2023 at GV Singapore.

Blockbuster Hits and Anticipated Releases

GV is known for showing the latest blockbuster hits as well as highly anticipated releases. In 2023, some of the most anticipated movies hitting the screens at GV include Marvel’s “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”, “Avatar: The Way of Water”, and “Jurassic World: Dominion”.

Black Panther

Wakanda Forever” is the highly anticipated sequel to the groundbreaking and critically acclaimed “Black Panther” movie. The sequel promises to bring back the beloved characters from the first movie while introducing new ones to expand the world of Wakanda.


The Way of Water” is the long-awaited sequel to James Cameron’s record-breaking “Avatar” movie. Set in the mythical world of Pandora, the movie promises to transport viewers to a world beyond their imagination.

Jurassic World

Jurassic Park” is the third movie in the last 5 months The movie features returning characters from the original trilogy, as well as new characters and dinosaurs.

GV is also known for showcasing local and Asian movies. In 2023, GV will feature movies such as “Tiong Bahru Social Club”, a Singaporean comedy, and “The Legend of Shang-Chi”, an action movie from Hong Kong.

Golden Village

Immersive Cinema Experience

GV is committed to providing moviegoers with an immersive cinema experience. GV’s theaters feature the latest in digital projection and immersive sound systems to create a cinematic experience like no other. Additionally, GV’s Gold Class cinemas offer a luxurious movie experience with personalized service, gourmet food, and comfortable seating.

COVID-19 Precautions

GV is committed to providing a safe and comfortable cinema experience for its customers. In accordance with the latest COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Singapore government, GV has implemented measures such as temperature checks, social distancing, and mandatory mask-wearing.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the latest movie releases and an immersive cinema experience, look no further than Golden Village Singapore. With its commitment to providing the best possible movie experience and a range of highly anticipated releases, GV is the perfect destination for movie lovers in 2023.

About Golden Village Singapore 

Golden Village (GV) is the largest cinema operator in Singapore.

It was established in 1992 and is jointly owned by two companies, Golden Harvest and Village Roadshow. GV has a total of 11 cinema locations across Singapore, with a total of 87 screens.Golden Village (GV) is a well-known name in Singapore’s entertainment industry. Established in 1992, it is the largest cinema operator in Singapore, jointly owned by two companies, Golden Harvest and Village Roadshow.

GV has also introduced several unique features such as Gold Class cinemas, which offer a luxurious movie-watching experience with extra comfortable seats, personalized service, and gourmet food and drinks. Apart from showcasing movies, GV also organizes several events and promotions throughout the year, such as movie premieres, charity screenings, and themed movie marathons.

GV also collaborates with various partners to offer unique experiences to its customers, such as the recent collaboration with The Smart Local to launch Singapore’s first-ever drive-in cinema. This move has been especially crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic when movie theaters were closed or operating at reduced capacities.

In conclusion, Golden Village is not just a cinema operator, but a pioneer in the Singaporean entertainment industry.

Experience Luxury Movie-Watching with Golden Village’s Gold Class Cinemas

If you are looking for a luxurious movie-watching experience, then Golden Village’s Gold Class cinemas are just the thing for you!

Golden Village (GV) is the largest cinema operator in Singapore, and its Gold Class cinemas offer a premium movie-going experience.

What are Gold Class cinemas?

Gold Class cinemas are specially designed for customers who want to enjoy their movies in style and comfort.

These cinemas offer extra comfortable seats, personalized service, and gourmet food and drinks, all in a cozy and intimate setting.

Features of Gold Class cinemas

The seats in Gold Class cinemas are not just comfortable, they are fully reclining, allowing you to stretch out and relax while watching your movie.

In addition, Gold Class cinemas have a dedicated lounge area where you can relax before or after your movie.

The food is prepared fresh and served to your seat by the dedicated service team.

Why choose Gold Class cinemas?

Gold Class cinemas offer a premium movie-watching experience that is unrivaled by traditional cinemas. MORE UPDATE

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